Saturday, 5 August 2017

Aug 4 - Darling Harbour, Bowling and FIsh Market

In the afternoon, we went to Darling Harbour. We could see the yachts on the water. Then, we went to play bowling. I had never played bowling before, so I got zero mark from the first round to the third round, but I could hit bowling pins after some practice.

After that, we went to the fish market. We bought plenty of seafood, for example, fresh oysters, sea urchins, baked scallops with cheese, lobster, eel and fried squid rings. I thought the sea urchins impressed me most because it was really juicy and sweet and this was my first time to eat sea urchins.

I think Australian food is really delicious and fresh. I think this is because Australians protect their food -- you can't bring any food when you come to Australia, so the produce of this country will not be contaminated. I hope I will come to Australia with my family and go to the fish market again!
Yeung Chin Ying, Cherry 

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