Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Departure: 14 hours delay!

The first day of this trip was a poor day. The flight was delayed because of the typhoon and the technical problems with the airplane, which needed to repair in a rush. For all these problems, it delayed 14 hours. In these 14 hours, we walked, ate and slept. We didn't have anything to do. But I was not bored. I played with my friends in this long wait. Although we had a delay and this was just like a poor day, I think this is a nice memory too.

Chan Tsz Yan, Coby

This was a terrible experience. That day, we should have our flight on 20:15, but it was delayed. So it was changed to 02:00. And then we went onto the airplane and we felt very excited. However, our flight didn't start to take off and we waited for almost 5 hours. We didn't know why the airplane didn't depart on time. At last we knew that it was because of some technical problems. Just then, they asked us to go out and have breakfast and go back to the airplane at 08:45. Finally, our plane took off at around 10:15. It was delayed for 15 hours! We were very tired and disappointed. We had a terrible experience for our first day of our trip.

Chan Hiu Wai, Hayley

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